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ApprenticeFacts: The Start of 1138 Concise Facts About Star Wars

On May the 4th, a brand new YouTube channel called ApprenticeFacts was launched. Its goal is to provide one fact about Star Wars every day for 1138 days. These tasty little facts will focus on the six movies, covering facts about details within the movies to facts about the making of, and even some facts about the people behind Star Wars. These facts are all written by Tim Fierce, Joel Sullivan, and Corey Vidal; and they are filmed by me. Below is the very first fact.

The ’1138 Star Wars Facts’ set took a long time to construct, as it is a freestanding structure made out of solid wood. Additionally, it is backlit, making the Death Star wall actually glow. Casting light properly onto the host, Corey Vidal.

This set has also appeared in two other videos.

A little-known fact about the set is that the day before production of the first fact, the set was completely torn down and repainted to be darker. The first fact was shot with the set having just dried moments before. This was due to the fact that the Canon C300 has such a wide range of detail, that the set looked grey when compared to other footage recorded from other DSLRs. Thank you for reading, and read along. Read along.

~ Corrado

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