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Blend Your Own Adventure 2: The Largest Interactive Video on YouTube

Pick two gross food items, put them into a Blendtec blender. Blend it. Then I’ll drink it. You choose the items.

As part of our pledge for P4A 2011 (Project for Awesome), everyone at ApprenticeA agreed that if we reached our goal of raising $2000 for youth homelessness, we would all blend and drink gross things.

We reached that goal pretty quickly.

A cardboard set was constructed to look like a full kitchen. A kitchen made of 2D pieces of cardboard, however painted to look like they were 3D, and arranged in 3D space inside the kitchen. So it was a 2D 3D, 3D kitchen set; if that makes any sense at all.

All 10 people from ApprenticeA choose a different set of 6 items to blend together.

That’s a lot of videos.

Each person has the following videos:

  • 1 – An intro video where you can choose your person
  • 2 – Video were you see all the items and can choose your first one. One video describing the items, then a faster welcome back video.
  • 6 – A menu video after you choose your first item, and get to choose your second item
  • 15 – Different combinations of blends, since you can’t blend an item with itself.
  • 1 – A secret video where all 6 items are blended together

So at 25 videos a person, and having 10 people, that leaves us at a massive interactive video spanning 250 videos!

To my knowledge, this is the largest interactive video to ever reach YouTube.

And you can watch it here.


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