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Corrado Coia

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Corrado Coia Website Corrado Coia Website Corrado Coia Website Corrado Coia Website

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‘The Roadtrip 2012′ by Contiki and ApprenticeA

In February of 2012, the worlds leading youth travel company, Contiki, hired myself and Corey Vidal as consultants to oversee their YouTube channel. In order to promote Contiki’s YouTube channel, as well as fill it with genuinely good and interesting content, we had the idea of running a European trip. This trip would focus on [...]

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Renamed Project: ‘In Case of Trouble, Take This!’ to ‘Ten Bullets’

I’ve done a lot of planning recently. I have a great advantage. When you start something new, you always get the chance to do it better, right from the beginning. I’ve started a couple YouTube channels before and worked on a lot of others. After 4 years of posting videos on YouTube I’ve seen a [...]

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