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Corrado Coia

That guy with the hat

Corrado Coia Website Corrado Coia Website Corrado Coia Website Corrado Coia Website

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ApprenticeEh in 30 Seconds

I’ve been with this video production company called, ApprenticeA for well over a year now. As a production company, we’ve been vlogging our lives, behind the scenes, and adventures everyday since January 1st, 2011 on a channel called ApprenticeEh. It’s not ApprenticeA, it’s ApprenticeEh[. Here is a 30 second summary of the past year and [...]

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‘Wookiee’ A Short Film About Spelling and the Letter E

Tim is playing the new Star Wars Brisksaber game on his phone. Not only is it awesome, it’s totally free. Get it here: iTunes Store: http://bit.ly/A5T318 Android Market: http://bit.ly/As5ipx Visit Official Website: http://bit.ly/AdaeL9 I love Wookiees. CAST (Subscribe to these people): Corey Vidal – http://www.youtube.com/CoreyVidal Tim Deegan – http://www.youtube.com/TimJDeegan Jim Vaylin – http://www.youtube.com/JimVaylin Also, check [...]

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Making of the CTFxC Wedding Video (Charles & Alli)

The making of the CTFxC wedding video took two full days. The first day was filming the entire event, and the second day was editing it. The filming day went a little something like this: It was very hot and humid down there in Florida, and we all got very little sleep. Brian stayed up [...]

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