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‘The Roadtrip 2012′ by Contiki and ApprenticeA

In February of 2012, the worlds leading youth travel company, Contiki, hired myself and Corey Vidal as consultants to oversee their YouTube channel. In order to promote Contiki’s YouTube channel, as well as fill it with genuinely good and interesting content, we had the idea of running a European trip. This trip would focus on [...]

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‘The Apprentices – Episode 2′ by ApprenticeA

Here is the second episode of The Apprentices. The aftermath of the Hero Hall explosion.

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‘The Apprentices – Episode 1′ by ApprenticeA

Back in March we started the ball rolling on a cartoon show called The Apprentices. The Apprentices is an animated-comic that follows the adventures of a group of superhero apprentices as they are left with the task of protecting Canada City from it’s impending demise. Months were spent in the writing and planning stages as [...]

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Concept Art for ‘Cinemagraph: Morning’

While designing some concept art for the ‘Cinemagraph: Morning’ video, I had a few variations floating around the main concepts of simplicity, and tranquility. Video Concept The entire video was filmed with a particular goal in mind. Each shot must be realistic, as if the morning was so tranquil that the subject might actually be [...]

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‘Cinemagraph: Morning’ by ApprenticeA

“Cinemagraphs are still photographs in which a minor and repeated movement occurs. Cinemagraphs, which are usually published in an animated GIF format, can give the illusion that the viewer is watching a video.” – Wikipedia.org A story told through the animation of cinemagraphs: this video idea was thought up by Corey Vidal, and filmed by [...]

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Thundermist Fishing Tips in 30 Seconds

I’ve been in charge of the marketing, promotion, as well as graphical design of a fishing lure company. One of the goals of the marketing campaign was to educate and help anglers around the world. Recently, their YouTube channel, ThundermistFishingTips, has reached well over 5.5 million views and well over 10k subscribers. Currently growing at [...]

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ApprenticeA Productions in 30 Seconds

I’ve been with this video production company called, ApprenticeA for well over a year now. As a production company, our focus is making videos strictly for YouTube for individuals as well as larger clients. Here is a quick 30-second promotional trailer which YouTube is currently promoting over Google’s Adwords network.

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‘Bow Ties Are Cool’ by Alex Carpenter

Alex Carpenter and Jason Munday spent two weeks at the ApprenticeEh house on their one week visit in May 2012. During their extended stay, I filmed a video for Jason Munday called ‘The Empire’, and I filmed most of a music video for Alex Carpenter called ‘Bow Ties Are Cool’. Two months of editing, special [...]

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‘Wheezycon 2′ (Vidcon 2012)

While at VidCon 2012, I got the chance to film and edit a Wheezy Waiter video. For the second year in a row, Craig Benzine has done a stage performance where he leaves the stage and a ‘live’ video plays for the audience and show’s them what’s happening ‘backstage’. This year, we even managed to [...]

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‘The Technique’ by ApprenticeA

Tim Fierce came to us with a script one day about how to use a technique to pick up the ladies. Although it seems that the only person who can use this technique properly, is Tim Deegan. ~ Corrado

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