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Concept Art for ‘Cinemagraph: Morning’

While designing some concept art for the ‘Cinemagraph: Morning’ video, I had a few variations floating around the main concepts of simplicity, and tranquility.

Video Concept

The entire video was filmed with a particular goal in mind. Each shot must be realistic, as if the morning was so tranquil that the subject might actually be holding that still. Shots where someone is frozen in mid-air, would have broken that rule.


After seeing the final video, the ideal font choice would be a sans serif, simple, thin, and defined typeface. Futura Thin was the perfect choice, especially since it boasts almost mathematical curves.


A self-made rule that I tend to follow is never use a perfectly solid colour. For example, instead of using red [RGB(255,0,0) HSB(0,100,100)], I would prefer to use something more like [RGB(235,0,0) HSB(0,100,92)]. I’ve always felt that this pulls designs away from being generic and ‘fake’. It breathes that subtle hint of ‘real world’ into it, making the design feel comfortable. Like in the real world, rarely do we see a pure colour of red.

Due to the fact that this video takes place in the darker morning, a darker colour pallet would fit better. For this design I went with an 8% black background [RGB(20,20,20) HSB(0,0,8)]. Then placed a layer of monochromatic noise over it.

8% black with noise
Click to view detail


All mornings, or at least all mornings that happen to the general populace of the world, start off in the darkness and move into light. I wanted to incorporate that into the design.

To do that, I have a series of rings/bands extending out from the center of the image, edging each ring with a slight internal brightness, and each ring increasing in brightness.

Rings leading to light
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This naturally created a circle right in the center of the design. What if that circle was yellow, representing the morning sun?

Yellow center
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Out of the three variations, each of them are feasible for the final design.

Which one do you like the best? Also, these are conveniently sized for a 1080p desktop background.

1. Plain black

2. Darker center

3. Yellow morning sun

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