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Making of the CTFxC Wedding Video (Charles & Alli)

The making of the CTFxC wedding video took two full days. The first day was filming the entire event, and the second day was editing it.

The filming day went a little something like this:

It was very hot and humid down there in Florida, and we all got very little sleep. Brian stayed up for 62 hours straight to get the final wedding video done.

The editing day went a little something like this:

Even though we were all so tired, the final video was more than worth it. Charles and Alli loved it, and Alli cried the entire time watching it.

Watch the final CTFxC Wedding video right here:


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  • http://www.corradocoia.com/ Corrado Coia

    Thank you very much! I’m glad the video turned out as well as we hoped. I’m very proud if it, still to this day.

  • lizz94

    My boyfriend and I saw the wedding video shortly after we started watching CTFxC, and we were both blown away. You captured so much emotion in the filming and editing – I think even people who don’t know anything about Charles and Alli would be moved by the video. Absolutely amazing talent. We are now also subscribed to ApprenticeEh and enjoy watching the “house vlogs,” as well!