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Renamed Project: ‘In Case of Trouble, Take This!’ to ‘Ten Bullets’

I’ve done a lot of planning recently.

I have a great advantage. When you start something new, you always get the chance to do it better, right from the beginning.

I’ve started a couple YouTube channels before and worked on a lot of others. After 4 years of posting videos on YouTube I’ve seen a lot of things which work and a lot of things which don’t. One of the things which I’ve come to understand is that having structure is very beneficial.

Not just structure such as having a posting schedule, but having structure in your appearance. People start to recognize you and your videos through different means; your branding. For example, some people recognize a person’s video through their stylized thumbnails.

When a user looks at a list of videos, two things which stand out to them the most are a) the thumbnail and b) the title.

So I’ve decided that I’ll have a structure for the titles of my videos. And I think (I hope) that this structure will last.

All of my videos will be titled: “CORRADO COIA – insert title here”.

This way when a person sees a list of videos, whether they are in a search result or in a related video list, they will see “CORRADO COIA” prefixing all the video titles and will easily be able to identify that those videos are my videos.

It’s true, they could just look to see who posted the video, but then they would have to ‘look for it’, it won’t just be ‘there’. Especially since the first things the person would see are the thumbnail and the title of the video.

Therefore, I’ve renamed my video from “In Case of Trouble, Take This!” to simply, “CORRADO COIA – Ten Bullets”.

What are your opinions on this style of branding?


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