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Corrado Coia

That guy with the hat

Corrado Coia Website Corrado Coia Website Corrado Coia Website Corrado Coia Website



MSc. Computer Science, Brock University, 2008-2011
Graduate research topic in Evolutionary Computation/Artificial Intelligence
Researching under the well-published Professor Brian James Ross

BSc. Computer Science with Honours, Brock University, 2003-2008
Concentration in Intelligent Systems/Artificial Intelligence

Business Highlights

Opened my own company focusing on website design, interface design, and conversion increasing.
Position: Founder and owner, consultant, strategist
Company: Corrado Coia Solutions
Date: 2008-Current

Head of marketing and design of a fishing lure company.
Brought the company up to having their products sold in top stores across North America, as well as landed and produced a nation-wide television show.
Position: Marketing, Design, and IT Manager
Secondary: Editor in chief for the TV show, and ongoing weekly YouTube educational videos
Company: Thundermist Lure Company
Date: 2007-Current

Working as Head of Post Production and Project Manager as part of a production company which focuses on creating videos specifically for YouTube.
Position: Project manager, head of post production
Company: ApprenticeA Productions
Date: 2011-Current

Working as a consultant to help grow online social presence through YouTube and Facebook.
Position: One of two lead consultants
Company: Contiki
Date: 2012-Current

Lead a team of 8 individuals editing footage for Google.
Position: Project manager
Company: ApprenticeA Productions
Date: 2011

Filming Projects

  • October 2012: Directed a next-day-edit web series which followed a group of 14 popular YouTubers on a 9 day road trip around Europe. The participants competed in ‘Amazing Race’ style challenges along the way. The show ran through 6 cities: Munich Germany, Hopfgarten Austria, Verona Italy, Venice Italy, Paris France, and London England.
    Video Link
  • January 2012: Filmed a short film for Lusas Arts and Brisk as part of their smartphone app release “Brisksaber”, and well as part of their campaign promoting the re-release of Star Wars: The Phantom Menace released in 3D.
    Video Link
  • November 2011: Filmed the YouTube-famous CTFxC Wedding (between Charles Trippy & Alli Speed). This video has been featured on many news stations.
    Video Link
  • November 2011: Filmed a motocross episode for the TV show “Rugged” starring Tim Deegan. First Aired: November 13, 2011
    Video Link
  • September 2011: Filmed a video for Coca-Cola for use as part of an advertising campaign for the movie “Step Up 3″.
    Video Link
  • September 2011: Filmed a video for Air Canada as part of a contest announcement for their nation-wide campaign.
    Video Link
  • August 2011: Filmed multiple videos for Google for use in an official Google campaign to be aired late 2011 on Google websites.

Started and executive produced a comedy troupe which created weekly online videos as well as live local shows.
Position: Executive producer, editor in chief, marketing and design
Company: The ForePlayers
Date: 2010-2011

Worked as a professor’s assistant covering a multitude of classes.
Position: Teaching assistant, seminar leader, lab leader
Company: Brock University
Date: 2008-2010

Part of small team working on websites ranging from large subscription-based websites to smaller client-specific websites.
Position: Design, graphical work, and conversion increasing
Company: Glanfield Marketing Solutions
Date: 2007-2008

Taught the second portion of a third year university class dealing with human-computer interaction focusing on interface design.
Position: Seminar leader, evaluator
Class: COSC 3P94 – Human Computer Interaction
Company: Brock University
Date: 2006-2008

Maintained a part/fulltime job during highschool and university.
Position: Butcher, clerk
Company: Zehrs Markets
Date: 2000-2007

Published Papers

Coia Corrado (2008-2011). Automatic Evolution of Conceptual Building Architectures

Project Type: 3D Building Architectures and Artificial Intelligence

Published Under: “Automatic Evolution of Conceptual Building Architectures”. C. Coia and B.J. Ross. CEC 2011, New Orleans, June 2011.

This thesis describes research in which genetic programming is used to automatically evolve shape grammars that construct three dimensional models of possible external building architectures. A completely automated fitness function is used, which evaluates the three dimensional building models according to different geometric properties such as surface normals, height, building footprint, and more. In order to evaluate the buildings on the different criteria, a multi-objective fitness function is used. The results obtained from the automated system were successful in satisfying the multiple objective criteria as well as creating interesting and unique designs that a human-aided system might not discover. In this study of evolutionary design, the architectures created are not meant to be fully functional and structurally sound blueprints for constructing a building, but are meant to be inspirational ideas for possible architectural designs. The evolved models are applicable for today’s architectural industries as well as in the video game and movie industries. Many new avenues for future work have also been discovered and highlighted.

Coia Corrado (2007-2009). EGDE: The Evolution Of Granular Synthesis.

Project Type: Interface Design, Music, and Artificial Intelligence

Published Under: “User-Guided Evolution of Granular Synthesis”. C. Coia and B.J. Ross. ICMC 2010, New York, June 2010.

This project involves the design and creation of EGDE – a granular synthesis instrument for modifying and creating a new form of music. EGDE has a detailed granular synthesis engine that specifies a large number of parameters for creating interesting granular synthesis effects. Then, interactive evolution is used as a means for interfacing the engine with the audio composer. EGDE is a VST Plug-in, making it compatible with the latest audio editing environments.

Academic Projects of Merit

Coia Corrado (2009). Genetic Programming and Grammatical Design: Using L-Systems to Fill Shapes

Project Type: Grammars and Artificial Intelligence

Grammars are a valuable tool for creating designs in many different
fields of creation and study. However, the methods for creating grammars are time consuming due to the trail-and-error nature of exploring the vast possibilities which minor changes to the grammar can cause to the final result. To alleviate this tiresome and manual process, a genetic program- ming approach is taken to create interesting L-systems which attempt to fill a provided two dimensional shape. The results discovered are detailed and unique.

Coia Corrado (2006). Visual Hierarchical Task Analysis (VisualHTA).

Project Type: Interface Design

An HTA is a hierarchical listing of tasks/steps that are needed to complete a goal. This information can be used for many purposes, such as improving the design of procedures that aid in performing a task. These procedures can be either physical or procedures within software. HTAs can be shown either visually though the use of a tree structure, or textually though the use of numbered lists. VisualHTA allows for the visual graphic of HTA structures.

Coia Corrado, McHugh Michael, And Deinhart Michael (2006). Evolved Fractal Images Through An Iterated Function System

Project Type: Interface Design and Artificial Intelligence

Many learning systems have used supervised learning to tackle this problem in the past. Our goal is to create a user-guided system which uses a variety of old and new fitness functions, utilizing them to help the user create aesthetically pleasing fractal images.


Sabre Fencing

Team Captain (Community) 2007-2008
Team Captain (Varsity) 2008-2010

I competed for Brock University as a finalist in the Ontario varsity sabre fencing circuit. I have been fencing with Brock steadily from 2004-2010.

What is sabre fencing exactly? The sabre is the modern version of the cavalry sword. Hits can be scored with the point or the cutting edges on the target area, which is anywhere above the waist including head and arms, and are registered electronically.

Site Link: Fencing Niagara

Favourite Music

  • Radiohead
  • Pearl Jam
  • Modest Mouse
  • Bob Dylan
  • The Smiths
  • The Weakerthans
  • Broken Social Scene
  • The Flaming Lips

Hobbies and Other Interests

  • Typography
  • Cooking
  • Video Production
  • Video Editing
  • Video Special Effects
  • Interface Design
  • Graphical Design
  • Fencing (the sport, not the white-picket kind)