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ApprenticeFacts: The Start of 1138 Concise Facts About Star Wars

On May the 4th, a brand new YouTube channel called ApprenticeFacts was launched. Its goal is to provide one fact about Star Wars every day for 1138 days. These tasty little facts will focus on the six movies, covering facts about details within the movies to facts about the making of, and even some facts [...]

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‘The Empire’ (Acoustic Cover)

“The Empire” (Acoustic) – Corey Vidal, Jason Munday, Alex Carpenter Filmed on the same set as the non-acoustic version.

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ApprenticeFacts ‘May The Fourth Be With You’ Teaser

Every generation has a saga… http://www.youtube.com/ApprenticeFacts

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‘Wookiee’ A Short Film About Spelling and the Letter E

Tim is playing the new Star Wars Brisksaber game on his phone. Not only is it awesome, it’s totally free. Get it here: iTunes Store: http://bit.ly/A5T318 Android Market: http://bit.ly/As5ipx Visit Official Website: http://bit.ly/AdaeL9 I love Wookiees. CAST (Subscribe to these people): Corey Vidal – http://www.youtube.com/CoreyVidal Tim Deegan – http://www.youtube.com/TimJDeegan Jim Vaylin – http://www.youtube.com/JimVaylin Also, check [...]

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