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‘The Technique’ by ApprenticeA

Tim Fierce came to us with a script one day about how to use a technique to pick up the ladies. Although it seems that the only person who can use this technique properly, is Tim Deegan. ~ Corrado

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Ex Much Music VJ Starts a New Online Music Show ‘The Beat’

Since Tim Deegan left Canada’s version of MTV, Much Music, he’s been aching to start a new music show that could be ran the way he’s always wanted. Thus, came the creation of a new ApprenticeA network channel, ApprenticeBeat. On that channel rests this new online-show called ‘The Beat’. The focus of The Beat is [...]

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ApprenticeFacts: The Start of 1138 Concise Facts About Star Wars

On May the 4th, a brand new YouTube channel called ApprenticeFacts was launched. Its goal is to provide one fact about Star Wars every day for 1138 days. These tasty little facts will focus on the six movies, covering facts about details within the movies to facts about the making of, and even some facts [...]

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‘The Empire’ (Acoustic Cover)

“The Empire” (Acoustic) – Corey Vidal, Jason Munday, Alex Carpenter Filmed on the same set as the non-acoustic version.

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ApprenticeFacts ‘May The Fourth Be With You’ Teaser

Every generation has a saga… http://www.youtube.com/ApprenticeFacts

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Zelda: The Musical (Alternate Ending)

The alternate ending to the original Zelda: The Musical!

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‘Corrado Chop!’ by Corrado Coia

This minute-forty adventure was one of the first things I’ve managed to shoot on the Canon C300. It started out as a somewhat silly video, though as I started to edit it, I started to make it edge more and more towards ridiculous. Special thanks to Tim Fierce, who came up with the concept and [...]

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Zelda: The Musical (Original)

Here is a little something I had a part in. A fully animated, fully orchestrated, 8-bit, Legend of Zelda musical. Enjoy. Written and composed by: Mitchell Moffit Inspired by the music of Koji Kondo ——— Animations by: Chris McGregor & Mitchell Moffit Additional Graphic Design by Ethan Wane Mitchell Moffit http://www.youtube.com/MitchellMoffit http://www.twitter.com/MitchellMoffit http://www.facebook.com/MitchellMoffit Chris McGregor [...]

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‘William Tell’ by Corrado Coia

Corey solves a rubiik cube, then a new challenge arises… Cast! — Corrado Coia – http://www.youtube.com/corradocoia – http://www.twitter.com/corradocoia – http://www.facebook.com/corradocoia Corey Vidal – http://www.youtube.com/coreyvidal – http://www.twitter.com/coreyvidal – http://www.facebook.com/coreyvidal Production! — A Corrado Coia and ApprenticeA Production – http://www.youtube.com/corradocoia – http://www.youtube.com/apprenticea Foley Artist – http://www.youtube.com/noisysid – http://www.twitter.com/noisysid – http://www.facebook.com/noisysid Music – http://www.youtube.com/mitchellmoffit – http://www.twitter.com/mitchellmoffit – http://www.facebook.com/mitchellmoffit

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