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‘The Roadtrip 2012′ by Contiki and ApprenticeA

In February of 2012, the worlds leading youth travel company, Contiki, hired myself and Corey Vidal as consultants to oversee their YouTube channel.

In order to promote Contiki’s YouTube channel, as well as fill it with genuinely good and interesting content, we had the idea of running a European trip. This trip would focus on bringing popular YouTubers to their European fans/subscribers, which has never happened in any organized fashion before.

After months of legal work and planning, The Roadtrip 2012 was finalized. This event took 14 YouTubers, flew them to Germany, then drove them around to Austria, Italy, France, and England. Subscriber meetups were held along the way, and the YouTubers got to experience the excitement of a normal Contiki trip as well. As an added bonus, the YouTubers had three challenges they had to compete in. Where the winning YouTuber gave away a free 14-day Contiki trip to one of their subscribers.

ApprenticeA Productions was also hired to travel with the group and film a daily documentary style show of their adventures.

These are those videos.

The Roadtrip 2012 – Days 1-9

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